Chances are, right now...

You want to better understand yourself as an individual and partner.

You might be hung up on the last person you broke up with, or who broke up with you.

You're not sure if you know yet what a fulfilling relationship is.

You are afraid of feeling the vulnerability required for deep connection.

You find yourself settling for less than you deserve.

You feel like you're either too much or not enough.

You are afraid to ask for what you want or need because you don’t know how it will be received.

You feel like you’re mostly an adult, except for the parts of you that still feel like a child or teenager.

You think to yourself, "If I had the strength in me to stand up for myself I probably wouldn’t accept half the experiences that I go through."

You listen to podcasts, search for articles, and find yourself scrolling social media - trying to find the answers. 


What you really need is…

Guidance on the solution.

Accountability to maintain change.

That's where I come in.


I help you...

  • get clarity on how to stop dating the same type of person in different forms.
  • notice repeating patterns in how you experience yourself within your relationships.
  • address your fears that a partner will abandon you or betray you.
  • address your fears that a partner will try to control you or limit your independence.
  • stop living in a glass case of emotion, either too many or none at all.

The transformation you can expect...

  • A partner you respect who respects you, too + earned secure attachment
  • Deepened Awareness of the significant role your childhood upbringing has on you as an adult
  • Emotional Regulation Skills to help you navigate conversations with your partner (and others) with calmness, clarity, and ease
  • A friendship with your inner child... who will become your Inner-Cheerleader who loves you! 
  • High self-esteem and self-worth so you can stop settling or living in fear that you're either too much or not enough.

What clients are saying...

Coaching with Talia, Inc.

“She did more for me in an hour than any of my other therapists did in years when I was going through my divorce years ago. If you want to talk to someone who gets it, work with Talia. She is so down to earth and a very positive energy to be around. I would not have been able to meet my new husband without her voice in my head cheering me on!"”

Coaching with Talia, Inc.

“"I started at the bottom and now I’m thriving. Before working with Talia I felt like anxiously attached raw-nerve fumbling through life and now I feel cool, calm and collected. I learned how to set boundaries without feeling guilty, manage my emotions and realize my self-worth."”

Coaching with Talia, Inc.

“I came for the memes and stayed for the healing. I found Talia on Instagram and was trepidatious to use a social media tool to find meaningful help. It was peak covid and something had to give. I figured if we had the same sense of humor, maybe it would be like talking to a friend and less like an evaluation. I was right. We have now worked together for more than a year and it has made a huge impact on my mental health, wellness, and marriage.
Memes are a love language. ”